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A single application of Zoono is fully effective for upto 30 days

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Introducing ZoonoZ71 to India

The global Gold Standard in Surface Sanitizers, A product that has proven to destroy and resist 100% of all bacteria for a period of up to 30 days upon its application.

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hospital cleaning


commercial kitchen cleaning


clean room


clean product packaging

Food Packaging

bus, train, airplalne, airport cleaning


storage and warehouse cleaning

Storage & Warehousing

ATP Testing

Snap swabs are moistened with a buffer that aids in the removal of any biological material (ATP) on either wet or dry surfaces, while also penetrating through any biofilm to expose underlying cells. The ATP from microbiological cells, in addition to free ATP from any food residue, is collected from the sample surface with the swab, and is then available to react with the unique liquid-stable reagent contained in the device. This reagent is derived from a naturally-occurring enzyme (called luciferase) found in fireflies. When this enzyme reacts with ATP on the swab, a low-level of light is produced that can be detected and quantified by the luminometer. The amount of light detected is directly proportional to the amount of ATP on the sample, thus giving a quantitative measure of the cleanliness of the surface where the sample was taken.


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