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Zoono Group Limited was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Together with its subsidiaries, Zoono develops, manufactures, and distributes antimicrobial solutions all over the world. They offer antimicrobial products against various pathogens, including bacteria, virus, mold, algae, and fungi.

Zoono products find extensive use in hospitals, medical facilities, ambulances and rescue, laboratories, dentists, veterinaries, healthy homes, poultries, abattoirs, bottling plants, hotels, mosques, supermarkets, ATM machines, casinos, and wineries, as well as in IT hygiene, touch point programme, mold and odor remediation, food processing, marine, transportation, air conditioning, disaster recovery, and other applications.

Introducing Zoono Z71

Zoono Limited is a New Zealand based manufacturer of long lasting antimicrobial products all derived from its revolutionary IP and technology. Having showcased its groundbreaking technology across the globe, Zoono Z71 is now available in India .

Key Features of Zoono Z71

  • Originally used to tackle algae and mould, Zoono has evolved significantly into a product that is in its 9th generation.
  • Unique anti-microbial surface sanitizer with a 99.9% killing rate.
  • Broad spectrum killer that is effective against all kinds of bacteria, virus, yeast, mould and fungi.
  • A proven & trusted product, with long lasting durability and a high efficacy rate.
  • Tested and certified by reputed organisations, independent testing laboratories and universities across the globe.

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